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  • Start and end date July 7, 2024 - Aug. 18, 2024
  • Time Sunday 10AM - 11:30AM
  • Sheri
    With Sheri


Having taken Loop Intermediate/Advanced previously or with instructor permission. For adults 17+. You have a few years of training. You can consistently do multiple inversions in the air and pullovers feel great. You are comfortable with basic fabric theory, and you can sequence something in the air for over 3 minutes.


Having taken Loop Beginner/Intermediate previously or with instructor permission. For adults 17+.


Classes are not designed to be completed in one session, taking a level 4-5 times is not uncommon. When you have mastered the skills and strength requirements for a level your instructor will recommend you for the next level.

Things to bring to class: A non-glass water bottle, a phone to record video or take photos (optional), a notebook (optional).

Please dress in form-fitting athletic wear, loose clothing can get wrapped around equipment and get torn or become a safety hazard, for a similar reason please avoid wearing jewelry. Do not wear any clothing with zippers, or velcro as they will damage the equipment (please check leggings for a zipper on the back of the waist).


3 left